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Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

We operate in an online world. Internet usage and online interactions continue to steadily increase each year. The way you are perceived online and the way you interact with your audience online matters. How easily you are found and reviewed on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms has changed the landscape for local businesses.

That is where digital marketing or online marketing comes into play. This involves all of your marketing efforts to reach, interact with, and attract your audience in the online and digital world. From digital channels such as search engine, social media, email, webinars, blogs, and other websites to communication through text or multimedia messages.

Your potential audience reach has never had more opportunities. You can not only target your ideal client more easily but also measure results with analytics with faster, easier metrics and be able to adjust and dial in as needed more quickly.

We help to create digital marketing strategies to reach the overall goals of your business. We provide strategic tools, analytics, resources, best practices, and planning to get your brand to the customers you want to reach with a cohesive brand message. Partnering with our team, we will work with you to accomplish the vision and goals you have for your business.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. And data is king. There is so much information we can track to help create a successful marketing strategy. It is crucial to  continually measure how effectively your marketing and social media campaigns are performing and adjust accordingly. Questions that we ask when analyzing marketing data: What is working? What needs to be tweaked? How can we improve and innovate and take advantage?

You can start to put a picture together of what is reaching your target audience and analyze trends. Types of demographics, what is causing them to engage, what are they sharing, how long are they spending with your content, what is causing them to leave.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to regularly review the analytics of your marketing. How often? That is really going to depend on your market sector. At least quarterly but many times, monthly is best. At WebInk Solutions, part of our monthly strategy meetings with our clients include data and analytics review.

Simple is Good

Design is Essential

Social Media Marketing

Show Up, Get Noticed, See Results. Every Business Needs Digital Marketing. We provide a strategic social media marketing plan to help build and expand your brand, engage with your customers in as many places as possible!

Email Marketing

Keep your customer engaged between purchases, attract new customers, and let your audience know when you have new products and specials. From content creation, op-in methods, branding designs, engaging subject lines, we've got you covered


Creating a webinar is one of the best ways to engage with potential customers in an increasingly remote world. They allow you to provide instant value with knowledge, expertise, and training to your ideal audience. We can help create content, produce, and promote your webinar to reach your ideal audience.


Make a visual impact, establish a positive core image for your brand, and increase the chance that your product or service will come to mind when it’s time for a customer to buy

Sales Funnels

Acquire, Activate & Monetize. Sales Funnels are a strategic model that represent the entire buying journey of your customer, from the moment they know about your brand until the time they open their wallet to make the first purchase

Content Writing & Blog Writing

One of the most effective ways to increase your organic SEO and connect with your customers is through content creation - blog posts, informative articles, insightful posts, newsletters


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If you are looking to build a new business, update your website, add some social media marketing to the mix or just need some tips on scaling your business with SEO, we are here to chat. Send us a message or us the link below to setup a virtual meeting today!