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What Is Reputation Management?

Customer reviews are one of the largest contributing factors to whether someone will purchase your products or services.  Over 90% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase, that’s a HUGE percentage of customers that will possibly buy your product as long as the reviews are good.  Unfortunately the motivation to leave a review is almost always left to the customers who are unhappy and looking to leave a bad review, this is where reputation management services come in!

For this reason it’s EXTREMELY important to motivate your happy customers to leave a good review while also working to turn unhappy customers into happy customers before they leave that bad review. This is where Webink Reputation Management comes into play!

The Way To 5 Stars!

With our reputation management program you will receive a unique tool that you can add to your website and email signatures to encourage easy online reviews.  We also provide automated outbound email campaigns to get your happy customers to leave that good review.  We can then automatically post those great reviews to social media or display them on your site!

What About The Bad Reviews?

All your bad reviews will automatically be sent directly to you first, giving you a chance to interact with them and clarify whatever issues they may be having. The tool will automatically send 4 and 5 star reviews to the major review sites on the internet, but the bad reviews that are 1-3 stars come straight to you.

Where Do The Good Reviews go?

We work with all the major review sites, here are a few of them

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    Reputation Management Pricing

    Review Acquisition System

    • Embeddable Widget
    • Email Footer Widget
    • Prevents Negative Reviews
    • Over 50+ Review Sites
    • Collect Unlimited Reviews

    Automate Asking For Reviews

    • Outbound Email Campaigns

    Review Monitoring & Reporting

    • Monitor Major Review Sites
    • Get Review Alerts
    • Produce Custom Reports
    • 100% White Label

    Review Promotion

    • Autopost Reviews To Social Media
    • Display Reviews On Your Website
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