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SEO Content Writing

Google and other search engines rely on the content on your site to determine what value it may offer their users.  Having content that is relevant to your business written in a manner that is easy to understand will help Google to direct people to you instead of a competitor. Don’t spend your time trying dig through analytics, strategize your site layout and then write 1500 words for each page of your site. Instead let Webink do the heavy lifting for you, while you reap the rewards.

Our team of experience SEO writters will help you layout out your site to create pages that will rank for the things you want to sell.  We will determine the best opportunities for keywords that have solid volume and come up with professionally written content that will get you the traffic that converts!

How do I start with SEO Content Writing?

  1. The first thing we need to do is a site audit of your existing website and content. Our team will look through the site and determine what things you are already ranking for and work to boost those things up.
  2. We will then go through and find 4-5 authority items that we can build your site around. This might be either services you offer or locations you serve.
  3. We will search for high volume keywords in your demographics and come up with an optimal word count.
  4. Once that is done we send this info off to our writers who will come up with a rough draft of our content. This content will be filled with primary keywords as well as other secondary content that will help drive traffic.
  5. We present the content to you for approval
  6. Once approved we add it to the site and continue to track the rankings to see how it’s performing!

Meta Optimization

The content is 90% of the battle, but if the title and meta isn’t accurate the content will be useless.  The Webink Optimizer is aimed to provide you with data driven information on how to setup your titles and meta descriptions. These things are extremely valuable as they are what is shown on the search engine page, and it’s your very first impression on a potential lead.

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    SEO Content & Optimizer

    Receive all the content and meta necessary to get your pages ranked and start competing on search engines

    Copy 500



    Professionally written SEO content and title/meta optimization of up to 500 words per page

    Copy 1000



    Professionally written SEO content and title/meta optimization of up to 1000 words per page

    Copy 1500



    Professionally written SEO content and title/meta optimization of up to 1500 words per page