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What is a Contextual Link?

A “Contextual Link” is a text link within a paragraph or article in which a relavent idea or context is found.  Contextual link building is a service that adds these links to other websites where this context is found.

How Does Contextual Link Building Work?

Webink Contextual Link Building services places links to your website on high quality Web 2.0 sites with high domain authority.  These contextual links ear you high credibility and authority within your niche as well as across search engines to improve your websites overall status.

What Do I Need To Do?

Well you could take a nap…or go sit by the pool. Our team will take care of building those links and boosting your rankings.

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    Contextual Link Pricing


    $113 - $193

    3 URLs / 2 Anchors per URL

    6 Authority Site Links

    3 Top Level Blogs w/ 1 Post


    $393 - $693

    3 URLs / 5 Anchors per URL

    32 Authority Site Links

    4 Top Level Blogs: With 5 Articles, 1 With 1 Article


    $493 - $993

    3 URLs / 5 Anchors per URL

    48 Authority Site Links

    8 Top Level Blogs w/ 3 Original Articles Each