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Exploring the Power of 70+ ChatGPT Plugins

At the cutting edge of AI innovation, we’ve discovered the transformative power of ChatGPT’s 70+ plugins. As a leading web design firm, our relentless pursuit of efficiency and success has led us to integrate these AI tools into our workflow, enabling us to deliver superior results to our clients. However, it’s important to note that to access these game-changing plugins, a ChatGPT Plus membership is (as of May 14th) currently required as these features are in beta.

We’re harnessing these ChatGPT plugins to:

  1. Streamline content generation, freeing up creative space for our team.
  2. Boost the speed and accuracy of our web design process with AI-driven insights.
  3. Execute informed marketing strategies, backed by data-driven AI recommendations.

Driving Client Success with ChatGPT

The benefits of ChatGPT plugins extend beyond our workflow – they’re key drivers of growth for our clients’ businesses. By providing actionable AI-driven insights, we empower clients to make more informed decisions and elevate their profits.

Our use of ChatGPT plugins supports clients in:

  1. Identifying growth opportunities through data analysis.
  2. Enhancing customer service by using AI to interpret feedback and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Securing their digital presence against cyber threats with AI monitoring.

ChatGPT beta panelEmbracing the power of ChatGPT and its 70 plugins has radically transformed our approach to web design and digital marketing. ChatGPT recently announced the release of an open beta for all Plus members, providing access to over 70 3rd party plugins, a testament to the growing AI potential in the industry. If you’re not a Plus member yet, you can sign up here.

Your Guide to ChatGPT Plugins: Harnessing AI for Business Success

Our comprehensive guide explores the wide variety of ChatGPT plugins available, each with its own unique capabilities to boost business operations. For each of the 70+ cutting-edge plugins, we provide a detailed description, a simple starter prompt, and advanced prompts for more sophisticated use. Explore the guide and unleash the full potential of ChatGPT plugins in your business.


Description: A powerful search engine that can browse the internet, databases, and other digital resources to provide comprehensive and relevant results.

Basic Prompt: “Search for the latest news on climate change.”

Advanced Prompts: “Search for scholarly articles on the impacts of climate change on marine life.”, “Find detailed statistics on global greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade.”

Use Case: Great for research, business intelligence, personal curiosity, or any situation where detailed search results are needed.



Description: Access a vast collection of online courses from top universities and institutions.

Basic Prompt: “Find an introductory course on Python programming.”

Advanced Prompts: “Search for a comprehensive course on artificial intelligence from top-rated universities.”, “Locate a micro-credential course on digital marketing.”

Use Case: Great for personal development, continuous learning, academic research, and professional growth.


Wolfram Weather Report Data

Description: A weather data plugin that provides real-time weather updates and forecasts using Wolfram Alpha’s computational knowledge.

Basic Prompt: “What’s the weather like in New York today?”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me the 10-day weather forecast for Miami.”, “Compare the average temperatures of Los Angeles and San Francisco in July.”

Use Case: Useful for everyone, particularly travelers, event planners, outdoor enthusiasts, and meteorologists.



Description: A plugin that extracts and processes information from PDF files.

Basic Prompt: “Extract text from this PDF.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find and highlight all occurrences of ‘AI’ in this PDF.”, “Convert pages 5-10 of this PDF into a Word document.”

Use Case: Ideal for students, researchers, business professionals, and anyone handling PDF files regularly.



Description: A food and restaurant review plugin based on the popular Japanese website Tabelog.

Basic Prompt: “Find top-rated sushi restaurants in Tokyo.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me restaurants in Kyoto that serve vegan ramen.”, “Compare user ratings for Italian restaurants in Osaka.”

Use Case: Useful for foodies, travelers, and anyone looking for restaurant recommendations.


DEV Community

Description: A plugin that offers access to the DEV Community, a platform where programmers share ideas and help each other grow.

Basic Prompt: “Find articles about Python programming.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me trending JavaScript tutorials.”, “Find discussions about machine learning algorithms.”

Use Case: Perfect for programmers, students, tech professionals, and coding hobbyists.


Ask YourPDF

Description: A PDF management plugin that enables extraction, editing, and manipulation of PDF documents.

Basic Prompt: “Extract text from this PDF.”

Advanced Prompts: “Split this PDF into individual pages.”, “Merge these two PDFs.”

Use Case: Perfect for students, professionals, researchers, and anyone dealing with PDFs.


Scholar AI

Description: An educational plugin that offers access to academic resources, research papers, and scholarly articles.

Basic Prompt: “Find me recent articles on machine learning.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find recent research papers on gene editing from peer-reviewed journals.”, “Show me the most cited articles in artificial intelligence.”

Use Case: Perfect for students, researchers, academics, and anyone in the field of education.



Description: A restaurant reservation plugin that allows users to find and book tables at a range of eateries worldwide.

Basic Prompt: “Book a table for two in Boston tonight.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find me a vegan-friendly restaurant in San Francisco with open reservations for next Saturday.”, “Show me top-rated Italian restaurants in New York City for a party of six.”

Use Case: Ideal for foodies, travelers, and anyone who enjoys dining out.



Description: A travel plugin offering a vast selection of tours, activities, and experiences in locations around the globe.

Basic Prompt: “Find a guided tour in Rome.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me unique culinary experiences in Tokyo.”, “Find family-friendly activities in Orlando.”

Use Case: Perfect for travelers, tour guides, and anyone interested in exploring new experiences.



Description: A travel plugin providing flight, hotel, and car rental search and booking services.

Basic Prompt: “Find flights from New York to London.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find the cheapest round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Tokyo next month.”, “Book a hotel in Paris for these dates.”

Use Case: Perfect for travellers, travel agents, and anyone planning a trip.



Description: A real estate plugin providing information on home values, listings, mortgages, and more.

Basic Prompt: “Find homes for sale in Austin, Texas.”

Advanced Prompts: “What’s the estimated value of my home?”, “Find rental properties in San Francisco within this price range.”

Use Case: Perfect for homebuyers, renters, real estate agents, and property investors.



Description: A real estate plugin providing access to listings for homes for sale across the U.S., with features like virtual tours and local market insights.

Basic Prompt: “Show me homes for sale in Austin, Texas.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find three-bedroom homes in San Francisco with a view.”, “Show me the housing market trends in Denver.”

Use Case: Ideal for prospective home buyers, real estate agents, and investors.



Description: The Expedia plugin is your ultimate travel companion, offering seamless access to a wide range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals, and vacation packages.

Basic Prompt: “Book a flight from New York to Los Angeles.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find me a family-friendly resort in the Maldives with all-inclusive amenities.”, “Plan a multi-city trip through Europe, including flights, accommodations, and train tickets.”

Use Case: Perfect for travelers, holidaymakers, and anyone looking for convenient and reliable travel planning.



Description: Automate workflows by connecting over 3,000 apps to create powerful, custom automations.

Basic Prompt: “Connect my Gmail to Slack to notify me of new emails.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a workflow that saves my email attachments to Dropbox and then sends a notification to my Slack.”, “Automate a process where every new sale on my Shopify sends a thank-you email through Mailchimp.”

Use Case: Perfect for business operations, productivity, and personal task automation.


Yay! Forms

Description: Create custom online forms, including surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms.

Basic Prompt: “Create a customer feedback form for my online store.”

Advanced Prompts: “Design a comprehensive employee satisfaction survey for my company.”, “Create a quiz form for my online course on European history.”

Use Case: Excellent for businesses, educators, event planners, and researchers.


Diagram It

Description: A tool that creates flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, and other visual representations.

Basic Prompt: “Create a flowchart for a basic project management process.”

Advanced Prompts: “Design a complex network diagram for a large corporate IT infrastructure.”, “Generate an organizational chart for a multinational company with 1000+ employees.”

Use Case: Ideal for business planning, project management, IT network design, and organizational structuring.


Hauling Buddies

Description: Arrange pickup and delivery of items, from furniture to appliances, by connecting with local movers.

Basic Prompt: “Arrange a pickup and delivery for a sofa from Brooklyn to Manhattan.”

Advanced Prompts: “Schedule a pickup of a bedroom set from an IKEA store and have it delivered to my apartment on the 15th.”, “Organize an office relocation from Boston to New York, including packing and unpacking services.”

Use Case: Ideal for personal use, small businesses, and office relocations.



Description: A coupon and deal finder that scans the internet for the best discounts and promotional offers.

Basic Prompt: “Find me a coupon for Pizza Hut.”

Advanced Prompts: “Search for the best deals for a PlayStation 5.”, “Show me all the ongoing sales on fashion apparel.”

Use Case: Ideal for online shoppers, deal hunters, and anyone looking to save money on purchases.


Lexi Shopper

Description: An intelligent shopping assistant plugin that provides personalized product recommendations and price comparisons.

Basic Prompt: “Find me the best price for Nike running shoes.”

Advanced Prompts: “Recommend a good quality wireless headset under $100.”, “Compare the prices of Samsung Galaxy S21 in different online stores.”

Use Case: Ideal for online shoppers, bargain hunters, and people needing help with product selection.


Prompt Perfect

Description: A creative writing tool that generates writing prompts and ideas for stories, poems, and more.

Basic Prompt: “Give me a prompt for a sci-fi story.”

Advanced Prompts: “Generate a series of prompts for a murder mystery novel.”, “Give me a prompt for a sonnet about love.”

Use Case: Great for writers, educators, students, and anyone seeking inspiration for creative writing.



Description: A skincare and beauty product recommendation tool that suggests products based on user’s skin type and concerns.

Basic Prompt: “Suggest a moisturizer for dry skin.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a skincare routine for combination skin prone to breakouts.”, “Recommend anti-aging products suitable for sensitive skin.”

Use Case: Ideal for individuals interested in skincare and beauty, beauty bloggers, and skincare professionals.



Description: A smart scheduling plugin that helps manage appointments, events, and tasks.

Basic Prompt: “Schedule a meeting for next Tuesday at 2 PM.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find a common free time slot for a meeting with John and Lisa next week.”, “Create a recurring task for a monthly project review.”

Use Case: Ideal for professionals, project managers, students, and anyone managing a busy schedule.


Vivian Health

Description: A health and wellness plugin that provides information on diseases, treatment options, and healthcare providers.

Basic Prompt: “Tell me about diabetes.”

Advanced Prompts: “Compare the side effects of medication A and B.”, “Find the nearest hospitals specializing in cardiac care.”

Use Case: Useful for patients, caregivers, health professionals, and individuals seeking health-related information.



Description: A car sharing marketplace plugin that allows users to book cars from local hosts.

Basic Prompt: “Find a car for rent in San Francisco this weekend.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find a luxury car available for rent in Miami next week with unlimited miles.”, “Compare the prices of SUVs for rent in Austin next month.”

Use Case: Ideal for travelers, people who need a temporary vehicle, and individuals interested in trying out different cars.



Description: A real estate listing and information plugin that provides data on property sales, rentals, and market trends.

Basic Prompt: “Find homes for sale in Austin, Texas.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me houses with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Seattle under $1 million.”, “Compare average rental prices in Chicago and New York.”

Use Case: Useful for homebuyers, renters, real estate agents, and investors.



Description: A text-to-speech plugin that converts written text into spoken words with various voice options.

Basic Prompt: “Read this text aloud.”

Advanced Prompts: “Convert this English text into Spanish speech.”, “Read this document with a British accent.”

Use Case: Ideal for visually impaired users, language learners, audiobook creators, and podcasters.



Description: A web navigation plugin that assists users in finding specific web pages or sites based on their queries.

Basic Prompt: “Find a recipe for lasagna.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find scholarly articles on climate change.”, “Locate online shops selling vintage vinyl records.”

Use Case: Useful for researchers, students, online shoppers, and internet users in general.



Description: A note-taking and organization plugin that assists in capturing, storing, and categorizing information.

Basic Prompt: “Take a note.”

Advanced Prompts: “Categorize this note under Project Ideas.”, “Show all notes tagged with ‘Important’.”

Use Case: Ideal for students, professionals, writers, and anyone needing to keep track of information.



Description: A social activism plugin that helps users find and support causes they care about.

Basic Prompt: “Find petitions related to climate change.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show local volunteer opportunities for animal welfare.”, “Find charities focused on education in developing countries.”

Use Case: Perfect for activists, volunteers, donors, and socially conscious individuals.


Portfolio Pilot

Description: A portfolio management plugin helping users track and optimize their investment portfolios.

Basic Prompt: “What’s the value of my portfolio?”

Advanced Prompts: “Rebalance my portfolio based on a 60/40 stocks/bonds allocation.”, “Show the historical performance of my portfolio.”

Use Case: Ideal for investors, financial advisors, and anyone managing their investments.



Description: A blockchain and cryptocurrency data plugin providing real-time information about various digital assets.

Basic Prompt: “What is the current price of Bitcoin?”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me the transaction volume of Ethereum in the last 24 hours.”, “Display the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.”

Use Case: Ideal for cryptocurrency investors, traders, and enthusiasts.


Fiscal Note

Description: The Fiscal Note plugin is a powerful tool for staying informed about legislative and regulatory developments, providing real-time updates on policies, bills, and regulations that impact businesses and industries.

Basic Prompt: “What are the latest tax regulations in the United States?”

Advanced Prompts: “Analyze the impact of proposed healthcare policies on pharmaceutical companies.”, “Track the progress of renewable energy bills in California.”

Use Case: Ideal for policymakers, lobbyists, legal professionals, and anyone involved in government affairs and public policy.



Description: A plugin that provides information sourced from Golden, a knowledge base covering millions of topics.

Basic Prompt: “Who is Elon Musk?”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me the history of SpaceX.”, “What are the latest developments in Neuralink?”

Use Case: Ideal for researchers, students, journalists, and anyone seeking comprehensive and up-to-date information.



Description: An interactive plugin that uses AI to create and play text-based adventure games.

Basic Prompt: “Start a new adventure game.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a medieval fantasy adventure game with a dragon.”, “Continue my space exploration adventure game.”

Use Case: Great for gamers, writers, and anyone who enjoys interactive storytelling and text-based games.

Description: A plugin that provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) suggestions and analytics for websites.

Basic Prompt: “Analyze the SEO of my website.”

Advanced Prompts: “Suggest keywords to improve the SEO of my blog post.”, “Track the search engine ranking of my website for these keywords.”

Use Case: Ideal for website owners, digital marketers, SEO professionals, and bloggers.


Biz Toc

Description: A business news plugin that provides the latest updates, articles, and news in the business world.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the latest business news.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find articles on the recent Apple earnings call.”, “What are the latest developments in the US-China trade war?”

Use Case: Useful for business professionals, investors, journalists, and anyone interested in the latest business news.



Description: An educational plugin providing tutorials, courses, and learning materials on a wide array of topics.

Basic Prompt: “Find Python programming tutorials.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me advanced calculus courses.”, “Find a comprehensive course on Renaissance art history.”

Use Case: Perfect for students, educators, lifelong learners, and anyone looking to acquire new knowledge and skills.



Description: A speech-to-text and text-to-speech plugin, allowing for easy conversion between spoken and written content.

Basic Prompt: “Convert this text to speech.”

Advanced Prompts: “Transcribe my recorded meeting notes.”, “Read my book draft aloud.”

Use Case: Ideal for writers, journalists, professionals who want to transcribe meetings, or anyone needing accessibility features.



Description: A lifestyle plugin focusing on home organization and decluttering, providing tips, tricks, and advice to keep your living space tidy.

Basic Prompt: “Give me decluttering tips.”

Advanced Prompts: “Plan a comprehensive decluttering schedule for my home.”, “Suggest storage solutions for a small apartment.”

Use Case: Perfect for homeowners, interior designers, and anyone interested in improving their living environment.


DEV Community

Description: A plugin that offers access to the DEV Community, a platform where programmers share ideas and help each other grow.

Basic Prompt: “Find articles about Python programming.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me trending JavaScript tutorials.”, “Find discussions about machine learning algorithms.”

Use Case: Perfect for programmers, students, tech professionals, and coding hobbyists.


One Word Domains

Description: A plugin that helps users find available one-word domain names.

Basic Prompt: “Find available one-word domains.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find available one-word .com domains related to technology.”, “Suggest creative one-word domains for a bakery business.”

Use Case: Useful for entrepreneurs, web developers, and marketers.


CreatieCode Scratch

Description: An interactive programming learning tool that teaches coding concepts through visual programming.

Basic Prompt: “Show me how to create a simple animation using Scratch.”

Advanced Prompts: “Teach me how to design a game using Scratch.”, “Explain the concept of loops with a Scratch example.”

Use Case: Perfect for beginner programmers, educators, children learning to code, and hobbyists.


Cloudflare Radar

Description: A cybersecurity tool providing real-time threat intelligence and analytics to protect your online assets.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the threat analytics for my website.”

Advanced Prompts: “Give me a detailed report of all cyber threats detected in the last month.”, “Set up real-time alerts for any new cyber threats to my network.”

Use Case: Ideal for IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, and business owners managing online platforms.


Video Insights

Description: A video analysis plugin providing insights and analytics for video content.

Basic Prompt: “How many views does this video have?”

Advanced Prompts: “Show the audience retention graph for this video.”, “Analyze the sentiment of comments on this video.”

Use Case: Great for YouTubers, video marketers, social media managers, and content creators.


Savvy Trader AI

Description: An AI-based stock analysis and prediction tool that provides data-backed insights for smart investment decisions.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the performance of Apple’s stock in the last year.”

Advanced Prompts: “Provide an AI analysis of potential growth stocks for the next quarter.”, “Predict the trend of the S&P 500 index for the next month based on historical data and recent market events.”

Use Case: Perfect for stock traders, financial analysts, and anyone interested in investing.



Description: A sales performance management tool that tracks key metrics and provides insights to improve team performance.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the sales performance of my team last month.”

Advanced Prompts: “Provide a comparative analysis of the sales performance of all my teams for Q1 2023.”, “Predict the sales target achievement for the next quarter based on historical data.”

Use Case: Perfect for sales managers, business leaders, and anyone in a sales-driven organization.



Description: A financial plugin that provides real-time stock market data and news.

Basic Prompt: “What’s the current stock price of Apple?”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me the 6-month performance of Tesla’s stock.”, “Alert me when Amazon’s stock price drops below $3000.”

Use Case: Ideal for investors, financial analysts, stock market enthusiasts, and business professionals.


Klarna Shopping

Description: An e-commerce plugin that allows users to shop from various online stores and offers flexible payment options.

Basic Prompt: “Buy a pair of Adidas sneakers.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and set up a 3-month payment plan.”, “Show me women’s summer dresses on ASOS and sort by price.”

Use Case: Useful for online shoppers, especially those looking for installment payment options.



Description: A gift suggestion plugin that recommends presents based on the recipient’s interests and occasion.

Basic Prompt: “Suggest a birthday gift for a 5-year-old boy.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find a unique anniversary gift for my wife who loves gardening.”, “Recommend a range of corporate gifts for a tech event.”

Use Case: Useful for individuals looking for gift ideas, event planners, corporate professionals, and personal shoppers.


Crafty Clues

Description: A puzzle and riddle plugin offering a wide range of brain teasers, logic puzzles, and mystery riddles.

Basic Prompt: “Give me a simple riddle to solve.”

Advanced Prompts: “Generate a challenging logic puzzle.”, “Create a complex mystery riddle with clues.”

Use Case: Excellent for fun, mental exercise, team-building activities, and educators.



Description: A text-to-speech plugin that converts written text into audible speech in various voices and languages.

Basic Prompt: “Read this text in a British accent.”

Advanced Prompts: “Convert this English text to French and read it.”, “Generate a narration for this short story in a female voice.”

Use Case: Useful for accessibility, language learning, audiobook creation, and storytelling.


Keyplays Live Soccer

Description: A sports plugin that provides real-time updates, scores, and news for live soccer matches around the world.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the current live soccer matches.”

Advanced Prompts: “Give me updates on the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool.”, “Show me the top scorers in La Liga.”

Use Case: Perfect for sports fans, sports analysts, and anyone who follows soccer closely.


Ndricks Sports

Description: A sports news and data plugin providing real-time scores, statistics, and updates for various sports.

Basic Prompt: “Give me the latest score of the New York Knicks game.”

Advanced Prompts: “Provide me with detailed statistics for LeBron James’ performance this season.”, “Update me on the current standings in the Premier League.”

Use Case: Great for sports fans, fantasy sports players, sports bettors, and sports journalists.


Comic Finder

Description: This plugin serves as a searchable database of comic books, graphic novels, and manga, helping users discover new reading material.

Basic Prompt: “Find Batman comics.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me top-rated manga released in 2022.”, “Find graphic novels similar to ‘Watchmen’.”

Use Case: Ideal for comic book enthusiasts, librarians, and retailers.


Word Sneak

Description: A language-based game plugin where users have to incorporate a given word into their conversation naturally.

Basic Prompt: “Start a game of Word Sneak.”

Advanced Prompts: “Play a game of Word Sneak with ‘elephant’ and ‘rocket’.”, “Play Word Sneak with words related to cooking.”

Use Case: Fun for parties, language learners, improv groups, and educators.



Description: A plugin that allows users to play chess, learn strategies, and analyze games.

Basic Prompt: “Start a new game of chess.”

Advanced Prompts: “Analyze this game for improvements.”, “Show me famous games played by Magnus Carlsen.”

Use Case: Chess players, coaches, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.


Open Trivia

Description: A trivia plugin that offers a vast range of trivia questions from various categories.

Basic Prompt: “Give me a sports trivia question.”

Advanced Prompts: “Start a trivia game with questions about movies and history.”, “Show me hard-level science trivia questions.”

Use Case: Great for game nights, educators, trivia enthusiasts, and quizmasters.


MixerBox OnePlayer

Description: A media player plugin that aggregates content from various platforms, allowing users to listen to music, watch videos, and stream podcasts from one place.

Basic Prompt: “Play some relaxing music.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a playlist with my favorite podcasts and audiobooks.”, “Find top trending videos in the comedy genre.”

Use Case: Perfect for music lovers, podcast enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys diverse media content.



Description: A recommendation plugin that suggests books, movies, TV shows, and restaurants based on user preferences.

Basic Prompt: “Suggest a thriller movie.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find restaurants in San Francisco similar to my favorites.”, “Recommend fantasy books for fans of ‘Harry Potter’.”

Use Case: Perfect for entertainment seekers, foodies, and avid readers.






Description: An e-commerce plugin that allows users to browse, compare, and purchase products from various online stores.

Basic Prompt: “Show me the latest smartphones on Amazon.”

Advanced Prompts: “Compare prices of the iPhone 13 on different e-commerce platforms.”, “Recommend the best laptops for graphic design within a $1500 budget.”

Use Case: Great for online shoppers, price comparison, and anyone seeking product recommendations.



Description: A grocery delivery and pick-up service plugin that allows users to shop from local stores online.

Basic Prompt: “Order milk and bread from my local grocery store.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find the best deals for organic fruits in my area.”, “Schedule a weekly delivery of fresh vegetables.”

Use Case: Useful for busy individuals, people who prefer online grocery shopping, and individuals with limited mobility.



Description: A wishlist creator that lets users bookmark products, experiences, and goals for future reference.

Basic Prompt: “Add the latest MacBook Pro to my wishlist.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a wishlist for my upcoming birthday with a list of books and gadgets.”, “Share my travel wishlist with my friends.”

Use Case: Perfect for gift planning, goal setting, and coordinating group gifts.


Tasty Recipes

Description: A culinary plugin offering a vast collection of recipes from around the world, including cooking instructions, ingredient lists, and nutritional information.

Basic Prompt: “Show me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies.”

Advanced Prompts: “Find vegan dinner recipes.”, “Suggest a 3-course Italian meal.”

Use Case: Ideal for home cooks, food bloggers, nutritionists, and anyone with an interest in cooking and food.



Description: A photo editing plugin, offering a variety of tools and filters to enhance and transform images.

Basic Prompt: “Apply a vintage filter to this photo.”

Advanced Prompts: “Edit this photo to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.”, “Remove the background of this image.”

Use Case: Ideal for photographers, graphic designers, social media managers, and anyone interested in photo editing.


Shimmer: Nutrition

Description: A nutrition-focused plugin providing meal plans, dietary advice, and detailed nutritional information.

Basic Prompt: “Give me a healthy meal plan for weight loss.”

Advanced Prompts: “Provide a vegan-friendly, gluten-free meal plan for muscle gain.”, “Analyze the nutritional content of my daily diet.”

Use Case: Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, dietitians, and anyone with specific dietary needs or goals.



Description: A DIY plugin offering a variety of craft projects, home improvement ideas, and creative inspiration.

Basic Prompt: “Find a beginner’s guide to knitting.”

Advanced Prompts: “Show me DIY home decor projects using recycled materials.”, “Find woodworking plans for a bookshelf.”

Use Case: Perfect for crafters, DIY enthusiasts, interior designers, and anyone with a creative streak.



Description: A wellness plugin providing personalized workouts, nutrition plans, and mindfulness exercises.

Basic Prompt: “Show me a beginner’s yoga routine.”

Advanced Prompts: “Create a weekly workout plan for weight loss.”, “Suggest a mindfulness routine to reduce stress.”

Use Case: Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, personal trainers, and anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.


Rentable Apartments

Description: A real estate plugin that assists in locating and renting apartments based on location, budget, and specific requirements.

Basic Prompt: “Find me a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago.”

Advanced Prompts: “Locate pet-friendly two-bedroom apartments in Brooklyn under $2000.”, “Show me apartments with a pool in Miami.”

Use Case: Ideal for house hunters, real estate agents, and anyone seeking a new apartment.

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